COVID-19: PHARMAC's response

Medicine and device supply contingency

When PHARMAC is advised that there may be a shortage of a medicine or a medical device, we take measures to ensure that stock is available to New Zealanders.

PHARMAC has contacted all contracted medicine and device suppliers to seek information about any potential impacts to supply and their contingency plans. The majority have responded to confirm that they have contingency plans in place and are actively managing their supply chains as best they can.

Some suppliers have advised us that they anticipate future disruptions to supply, whether due to manufacturing or transportation. We are working closely with them to determine the best approach to manage potential shortages.  

Other than some funded vaccines, PHARMAC itself does not purchase or hold stocks of any medicine. 


Vaccine information 

> Flu vaccine: PHARMAC's role

> COVID-19: Pneumococcal vaccine

There is currently no vaccine for COVID-19. If one were to become available, PHARMAC would give special consideration to funding it. 

Who to contact

If you're a pharmacist with queries about stock, we recommend you contact your wholesaler or the supplier.

If you have any queries about PHARMAC's response, contact:

Due to high numbers of enquiries, we're asking people to email rather than call. Thank you for your patience. 

New Zealand Government's COVID-19 website(external link)

Ministry of Health COVID-19 response(external link)


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