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28 November 2001

To all interested parties Extension of deadline for Consultation on Draft Strategy for Nationwide Purchasing of Hospital Pharmaceuticals The timeframe for consultation on the draft Strategy for nationwide Purchasing of Hospital Pharmaceuticals (the “Strategy”) has been extended from 30 November 2001 to Friday, 21 December 2001 in response to feedback. PHARMAC will now work towards delivery of the Strategy to the Minister by 1 February 2002. The Minister has agreed to the extension in recognition of the importance of gaining input on the Strategy from interested parties and to provide more time for PHARMAC and HPAC to develop the Strategy in response to the issues raised. HPAC will meet next week, as originally planned, to consider and address those issues its members are aware of that have been raised since the draft Strategy was developed. A summary of the issues discussed at that meeting, and an outline of how those issues will be addressed in the final Strategy will be provided to interested parties following that meeting. PHARMAC may also send out a revised version of the Strategy document for your consideration if it is possible to do so within the time constraints. Given that the consultation period has been extended so close to 30 November 2001, we wish to encourage those interested parties who have already prepared their submissions to send them to PHARMAC as a preliminary response within the original timeframe. This will ensure that HPAC is aware of most issues when it meets next week. You may then provide a further response once you have considered the further information provided by PHARMAC after HPAC’s next meeting. All submissions received between now and 21 December 2001 will be considered by HPAC and PHARMAC when preparing the final Strategy document. We recognise that this is a busy time of year, and hope that the revised timelines go some way towards assisting you in providing feedback on the draft Strategy. We appreciate the attention you have given to this issue so far, and welcome your continued involvement in this process.

Yours sincerely

Cristine Della Barca Manager, Hospital Pharmaceuticals

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Draft strategy for nationwide purchasing of hospital pharmaceuticals


The timeframe for consultation on the draft Strategy for nationwide Purchasing of Hospital Pharmaceuticals (the “Strategy”) has been extended…

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